• Close up detail of the forearm of an elderly woman

    Crepey Skin: Treatment, Causes, and Prevention

    Aging is a natural process you cannot deny. You will experience such a maturing process in your life and you will never get over it as it will be most important part of your life. When it comes to you to deal with the skin condition, you can choose some things that will be helpful for getting rid of it. Although the crepey skin is not something easy to get rid, you need to understand that you can prevent them from doing some things. In this case, you can also get the information about what causes crepey skin before deciding the method to treat the condition.

    Understanding Crepey Skin and Its Prevention

    Although this condition is something that is hard to get rid, you need to know that you will have the crepey skin from three conditions. Here are three things of what causes the crepey skin on your body.

    1. The excess sugar intake will cause the crepey skin. As this skin condition usually occurs on the neck and chest, you will find it to be bothering. In this case, if you consume too much sugar you will experience the crepey skin as the collagen beneath your skin is damaged.
    2. The sun exposure is also taking the responsibility as you can the crepe skin on your neck and chest. In this case, the sun’s UV will damage your skin and of course, as neck and chest are the ones which are exposed, it will be creped easily. Make sure you wear the sunblock before doing outdoor activities.
    3. If you have the dry skin type, you better take this condition seriously. When you are dealing with dry skin, the skin condition will appear easier on your skin. Make sure you drink enough water in a day to make sure that your body is hydrated.

    Those are the things you need to know about crepey skin. Although those reasons are the major things that cause the skin problem, you need to consult to dermatologists to understand the details.